Ironstar Model 664

Snowplowable Systems Or Replacement Units? It�s Your Choice.

The IronStar System not only provides high visibility from distances of 1,000 feet or more, but also the low profile base plate with contoured edges and an exclusive cast-in cross-grip design is intended to reduce plow bounce and minimize vertical and horizontal movement.

Low Installation and Maintenance Costs

You can save money with the snowplowable IronStar System because it eliminates multiple depth installation cuts by creating a simple rectangular cavity. And you can reduce epoxy use by changing to recommended blade size (16� dia.--22 blades required), or use your existing blades (18� dia.--22 blades required).

Low Profile Design/Contoured Edges

Sleek, low profile design hugs the road while smooth, contoured edges are designed to reduce plow bounce. All lead edges of the base casting being sub-surface allows encapsulation by epoxy thus reducing seal break and sledding effect once installed.

Improved Holding Strength

The exclusive IronStar casting design allows approximately twice the amount of epoxy overlay, when properly installed. This results in increased holding strength for a more secure marker.

Small Footprint/Single Depth Cuts

Eases installation, saves time and money, and reduces epoxy use.

Cast-in Cross-Grip Base Design

Helps stabilize marker, minimizes vertical and horizontal movement. The Ironstar exclusive cross-grip system provides a multi-directional resistance across substantially all of the width of the marker. In addition, the pyramidal webs promote even distribution of epoxy from front to back as well as up both sides of the base casting during installation.


Marker consists of Iron casting to which is attached a replaceable 3Mâ„¢ Snowplowable Marker Insert (Series 190) for reflecting light from a single or opposite directions. Reflector features:
- Polycarbonate prismatic optics,
- Abrasion resistant lens hardcoat,
- Impact resistant polycarbonate body.

All aspects of reflector installation are factory controlled to insure proper adhesion to casting.

Dimensional Details

Overall Dimensions are approximately:
- 7.75 inches long
- 5.86 inches wide
- 1.34 inches high
- Installed Height is approximately .250 inches above road surface


Nodular Iron, conforming to Specification ASTM A536-84 Hardened to 52-54 Rockwell �C�.

Surfaces of casting shall be free of scale, dirt, rust, oil, grease or any other contaminant which may reduce its bond to the installation adhesive.


Approximately 6 pounds each.


Casting is marked with manufacturer�s name and model number of marker.

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